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StaCool Under Vests can help lower the body temperature of surgeons and nurses in the operating room.

Keeping Surgeons Cool Under Pressure


Performing any kind of surgery is a serious situation for everyone in the operating room. The stress alone can be enough to elevate anyone's temperature, but add in the heat from the bright lights and surgical gowns, and you have one of the hottest working environments around. That is why hospitals across the country have discovered the body cooling benefits of the StaCool Under Vest.

If you take a close look at an operating room, it seems as though the entire environment has been designed to create heat. The intense lighting is hot enough, but the head-to-toe clothing makes matters even worse. Surgical gowns are lined with plastic to make them water proof, and gloves trap heat around the hands and wrists. Feet are covered by shoes and surgical footies, and the head is covered with a cap and mask. With virtually every surface of the body covered, the cooling effect of body sweat is practically neutralized.

In addition, recent regulations have literally turned up the heat, requiring surgical rooms to be warmer at 74° F. This has inspired doctors and nurses to seek alternative cooling solutions and, fortunately for them, the StaCool Under Vest is meeting their body cooling needs.

StaCool Vests in Hospitals

Here are just a few of the hospitals across the country that have selected the StaCool Under Vest as the body cooling solution for their surgical and medical support teams:

Allen Memorial Hospital

BH Community Hospital
Blachfield Army Hospital
Blue Ridge Surgery Center
Bone & Joint Hospital
Broward General Medical Center
Cascade Valley Hospital
Clovis Medical Center
Doctors Hospital Nelsonville
Eisenhower Army Medical Center
General Hospital
Grady Memorial Hospital
Illinois Valley Community Hospital
Immanuel St. Josephs
Iowa Lutheran Hospital
Kootenai Medical Center
KSF Orthopedic

Liberty Hospital

Medical Air Bridge
Medical University of SC
Memorial Hospital West
Memorial Hospital of Miramar
Memorial Hospital of Sweet Water
Memorial Hospital of Pembroke Pines
Methodist West Hospital
Mount Auburn Hospital
Oconee Memorial Hospital
Ortho Arkansas Surgery Center
Oss Ambulatory Surgery Center
Out Patient Surgery Center Jonesboro
Palo Pinto General Hospital
Providence Hospital
Sauk Memorial Hospital
Sheridan Surgical Inc.

Sherman Oaks Hospital

St. Josephs Hospital
St. Lukes Hospital
Stryker Orthopedic
Surgery Center Mount Dora
Sutter General Hospital
The Doctors Hospital of Tattnall
TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Trinity Medical Center
VA Medical Centers all across the USA
Weston Outpatient Surgical Center
Winchester Medical Center
Winter Park Hospital
Yuma Regional Medical Center

The StaCool Under Vest is in especially high demand among Orthopedic surgeons, as the operations they perform can last several hours. As educated medical professionals, they know they must avoid any lapses in judgment, coordination and concentration that can be brought on by heat stress. These doctors also know that a cooling vest is a great way to keep their bodies cool and their minds clear.

StaCool is pleased to provide body cooling vests for nurses and doctors at medical facilities nationwide, and we look forward to helping even more surgical professionals stay cool in the heat of the OR.

Call Toll-Free 1-866-STA-COOL (782-2665) or Locally 352-873-1820

Dreams come true thanks to the StaCool Child Vest

Like many kids her age, four year old Emily Anderson's dream has been to see the amazing animals and attractions at Orlando's Disney World and SeaWorld theme parks. However, since Emily suffers from mitochondrial disease, her body is unable to tolerate the warm temperatures that dominate the Orlando weather. But with the help of a StaCool Child Vest, she was able to keep her body cool and live her Disney and SeaWorld dreams!


Body Cooling Vests And Mitochondrial Disease

Mitochondrial disease is a disorder affecting the mitochondria, which are the microscopic energy generators, or “power plants,” found in every cell of your body. Although the severity and symptoms vary greatly from person to person, mitochondrial disease can affect every organ and system found in the body.

For infants who are affected by the disease, as Emily was, the survival rate is only 10%.
Today, Emily suffers from many symptoms, including digestive, respiratory and skin disorders, as well as severe fatigue and tremors. She is reliant on several medications, feeding tubes and a diverse team of doctors and nurses working 12 hours a day to maintain her health.
She recently added a StaCool body cooling vest to her list of support equipment. Due to her mitochondrial disease, Emily's body has trouble regulating her core body temperature. She is especially sensitive to heat.

So, a trip to Orlando's theme parks was not feasible until her parents learned about the StaCool Child Vest. With the help of a body cooling vest, Emily would be able to go to Orlando without the fear of heat-related problems like seizures, irregular heart rate or worsening of her existing symptoms.

Emily And The StaCool Under Vest Arrive In Orlando

With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and many generous friends, Emily and her family arrived in Orlando, Florida on schedule. At the same time, the team at StaCool made sure her cooling vest was good to go by shipping it overnight to SeaWorld, packed in ice and ready for action.

How You Can Help Emily

The team at StaCool Vest was happy to help make Emily's Disney World and SeaWorld dream come true. But her daily struggles with mitochondrial disease continue. If you are interested in learning more about Emily, or donating to help support her medical needs and find a cure, we encourage you to click on one of the following links.

› Emily Anderson Foundation @ Facebook
› Energy for Emily @ Event Ribbon

Trap Shooter Finds Great Weapon – A StaCool Body Cooling Vest

Competitive trap shooter Robert Kirkpatrick recently participated in the National Sporting Clays Association Missouri State Championship event, where the late summer temperatures peaked around 100º F at the River Hills Sporting Clays shooting club near Columbia.

Fortunately for Robert, he had the good sense to plan ahead. So, before he headed out to the tournament, he made sure he packed his guns and his brand new StaCool Under Vest.

Without The StaCool Under Vest, I Couldn't Have Made It

Clay pigeon shooting requires a good eye, quick reflexes and a steady hand. It is a well known fact that exposure to excessive heat affects the body in many ways, including a loss of coordination and reaction time. Heat stress can also result in fatigue.

Any of these conditions would have a negative impact on the performance of a trap shooter. That's why Robert decided to make a body cooling vest by StaCool part of his arsenal at the Missouri State Championship.

After the event was over, Robert summarized the value of his body cooling vest very clearly:
“Thank God I had it. I'm not sure I could have finished without it.“

A Body Cooling Vest That Lasts For Hours

The excellent performance record of the StaCool Under Vest has been well established over the years. During the State Championships, Robert reaffirmed that the StaCool Under Vest can provide body cooling for three hours.

“StaCool says they're effective for 3 hours. On both Friday and Sunday [days where temperatures approached 100º F&91;, I actually got about 3 1/2 hours out of them.”

StaCool Impresses In More Ways Than Body Cooling

Although body cooling is obviously the main objective of the StaCool Under Vest, StaCool also works hard to make sure each customer is satisfied with every aspect of their cooling vest. In Robert's case, sizing and fit was a major concern. In his words:

“...the folks at StaCool decided, based on my chest size, I needed a small size. I received it, was concerned it would be too small, and called them back. I was told that it must fit very snugly to be effective and the lady convinced me to go ahead and freeze the [ThermoPaks&91; and try it on again. I did this, tried some practice gun mounts and was surprised how little effect it had on movement.”

Happy with the fit, Robert continued practicing and noticed the cooling packs contacted the recoil pad on his gun, which would affect his ability to shoot accurately using his normal set up. StaCool was able to give him some helpful advice that allowed him to stay cool and shoot effectively throughout the tournament.

“[StaCool&91; suggested I simply cut off the top row of [ThermoPaks&91; and it should work, which it did. These folks seem to have a lot of experience working with clay shooters.”
The StaCool Under Vest – Another Excited And Satisfied Customer

After a couple of days of competitive trap shooting in near 100-degree temperatures, Robert Kirkpatrick experienced the body cooling capabilities of the StaCool Under Vest first hand. With over 3 hours of cooling time and an excellent fit that doesn't restrict body movement, the StaCool Under Vest inspired Robert's imagination and his enthusiasm.

“I can see wearing [the StaCool Under Vest&91; while mowing, fishing and a lot of other outdoor things, including shooting ... it appears to be very well made, right here in the USA! The people at StaCool are also very helpful and easy to work with.”

Theme Parks turn to StaCool Vests

mascot.pngLast year, theme parks from coast to coast purchased several hundred StaCool Vests™ to help protect all of our favorite characters from the brutal summer heat.  

StaCool’s state-of-the-art cooling technology combined with premium insulating materials will help keep you cool for up to four hours. Each StaCool Vest comes with two sets of ThermoPaks, so you have a spare set for a change-out that can be done in just a few minutes to provide additional hours of cooling.

The StaCool Under Vest has an ergonomic design with a snug fit that contours your body for the ultimate in cooling comfort and can be worn under or over clothing. The StaCool Industrial Vest is a one size fits all vest worn over your clothing and is the most durable cooling vest available in the market today.

Why suffer through another hot summer? Call StaCool today at 1-866-STA-COOL (782-2665).

Comparing the StaCool Under Vest to Evaporative Vests and Paraffin Vests

Over the years, there have been many approaches to achieving body cooling for those who are unable to sweat due to a physical condition or people that have multiple sclerosis (MS) and have a high intolerance to heat. In today's body cooling market, cooling vests are a well-established and popular passive cooling technology.

However, all body cooling vests are not equal. There are various designs and styles to choose from, as well as various cooling technologies. This article takes a closer look at three cooling vest types: Evaporative cooling vests, Paraffin cooling vests, and the StaCool Under Vest.

Evaporative Cooling Vests

Evaporative cooling vests are the simplest to make and most basic in function. These vests are made of cloth materials and provide cooling simply through the evaporation of water, similar to body sweat. The water absorbs heat from your body, and under favorable air conditions, that heat vaporizes the water into the atmosphere.

To use evaporative vests, you must immerse them in water before putting them on. Although some of the vests are lined with a water repellant liner, the vests are not waterproof. So, users often complain that their clothes get wet while wearing these evaporative vests.

In addition, these vests are not very effective if worn beneath clothing. So, some evaporative vest weares say they feel silly or embarrassed walking around in an unstylish or industrial-looking vest. Others complain the vests are heavy and feel soggy.

Perhaps the biggest limitation of the evaporative vest is that it cannot provide cooling in high heat and humidity conditions.

There is a limit to how much moisture the outside air can absorb, based on temperature and pressure. Once air has reached this limit, as is the case in humid environments, it is completely saturated and cannot absorb any additional moisture. In this situation, an evaporative vest is practically useless, as the water it holds cannot evaporate into the air.

Paraffin Cooling Vests

Paraffin vests rely on a slightly different mechanism than evaporative vests for cooling. Simliar to water evaporation, paraffin vests use the physics of phase-changing to provide cooling. But instead of changing liquid water to water vapor, paraffin vests change solid paraffin wax to liquid paraffin wax.

This is an effective cooling method, because it takes a significant amount of energy to change the phase of any compound. The paraffin vest works by absorbing heat from your body and using that energy to essentially melt the wax. When the wax has melted, you need to replace the wax packs or change into another cooling vest.

Shortcomings of the paraffin cooling vest include short cooling times and flammability. Paraffin is flammable, so that makes paraffin cooling vests undesirable for people who work around open flames such firefighters or chefs. Paraffin cooling vests may also be a poor choice for people who have an increased risk of being in accidents involving fire, such as motorcycle drivers.

The StaCool Under Vest

Unlike the paraffin cooling vest and the evaporative cooling vest, The StaCool Under Vest does not rely on evaporation or melting to provide body cooling. Instead, the StaCool Under Vest uses an advanced polymer cooling material that can absorb large amounts of heat energy.
This advanced cooling material is injected into several isolated chambers inside a StaCool ThermoPak, providing redundancy and a wide cooling area. The ThermoPaks are prepared for use by placing them in a typical kitchen freezer. Then, they are inserted into pockets within the StaCool Under Vest when body cooling is needed.

Unlike water, the cooling material inside each ThermoPak  remains flexible and does not freeze into a solid form. This provides great flexibility and freedom of movement for the StaCool Under Vest user, a benefit that cannot be duplicated by vests using simple ice packs.

In contrast to evaporative vests, the StaCool Under Vest may be worn beneath or over clothing, and it does not get your skin or clothes wet. And unlike paraffin vests, the StaCool vest is not flammable, so it is completely safe for any work or recreational environment. The StaCool Under Vest is also completely non-toxic.

In terms of body cooling time, the StaCool Under Vest can provide up to 3 hours of cooling before the ThermoPaks need to be replaced or re-cooled. This makes it more effective and longer-lasting than either the paraffin vest or the evaporative vest.

A Body Cooling Vest Summary

Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of Evaporative vests, paraffin vests and the StaCool Under Vest.

Evaporative Vest


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Good for dry climates


  • Leaks water on clothes
  • Not effective in humid environments
  • Feels heavy and soggy
  • Cannot be worn under clothes
  • Looks industrial – not stylish

Paraffin Vest


  • More effective cooling than and evaporative vest
  • Provides dry cooling
  • Does not require a freezer to prepare for use. Cold water or a refrigerator is adequate.


  • Less effective than ice or other chemical pack cooling vests
  • Relatively short cooling times
  • Solid paraffin blocks can be uncomfortable
  • Flammable – limited application

StaCool UnderVest


  • Long cooling times – up to 3 hours on one set of cooling ThermoPaks
  • Flexible vest and ThermoPaks allow great freedom of movement
  • Even cooling – no cold spots
  • Lightweight - 5.5 pounds
  • Slim vest can be worn and concealed underneath clothing
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable


  • Can be more expensive than other cooling vests
  • Cooling ThermoPaks must be placed in a freezer before use

Relieving Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms With Cooling Vests

There are usually two ways to develop a course of treatment for a given health disorder: theory and practice. Fortunately, in the case of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), theory and practice have come together to establish the use of cooling vests as a way to relieve heat-induced symptoms.

People who live with MS know from personal experience that heat, or more specifically, a rise in their body temperature, worsens symptoms like disturbed vision, loss of balance, fatigue and muscle weakness. These accounts are backed by research which confirms that nerves with damaged sheathing/myelin (the condition that causes the symptoms of MS), are sensitive to changes in temperature.

So, as early as the 1950's, neurologists began to investigate the possibility of alleviating or reducing MS symptoms by reducing body temperature. The research showed that cooling the body could temporarily relieve some of the symptoms commonly associated with MS.

During the years since those initial studies, numerous research facilities and organizations, including the Multiple Sclerosis Association of American (MSAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), have conducted further research on the link between MS symptoms and body temperature/body cooling. These scientific studies support the practical experience of MS patients: body cooling works!

As a result, neurologists today continue to recommend cooling vests like the StaCool Under Vest to help MS patients maintain active lifestyles, even during the hot summer months. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read what MS patients have said about their personal experience with the StaCool cooling vest, or better yet, try one yourself and start living life to its fullest.

Information for this article was gathered from the MSAA website. For a more detailed discussion, please refer to the MSAA article “Multiple Sclerosis and Cooling, Third Edition” written by Adam Roberts and Judith Harper-Bennie.

Gallo Glass Extends StaCool Under Vest Purchase Program to Employees

Gallo Glass has enhanced their reputation as a leader in the glass bottle manufacturing industry by making the StaCool Under Vest available to all of their employees via a Payroll Deduction program. The cooling vest purchase program, set up by Jorian Reed, Sr. Manager of Human Resources, reflects Gallo Glass's strong commitment to continuous improvement in safety and manufacturing.

The StaCool Under Vest can bring valuable body cooling technology to all of the employees at Gallo Glass who work in the extreme heat associated with glass bottle production. With processing temperatures in excess of 2,500° F, temperatures on the factory floor approach 140° F. By keeping body temperatures down in this extreme environment, the StaCool Under Vest will make it safer and easier for Gallo's workers to create great bottles for the E&J Gallo winery, as well as for their other clients.

The StaCool Under Vest employee purchase program will continue at Gallo Glass from now through the end of summer, according to Reed.

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